Elegite Led Downlight aut Led Spotlight for Home Decoration

Elegite Led Downlight aut Led Spotlight for Home Decoration

In domo decorationa, descendentia et luminaria maxima utilizatur.On the one hand, because auxiliary lighting fixtures such as downlights and spotlights are needed in the home, on the other hand, downlights are not restricted by the decoration style.Basically, every decoration style is suitable for use.Declinationes et luminaria sunt omnes in unum stilum, quod resultat in maximo utilitate lucorum et luminarium.

Non solum quod, downlights et spotlights etiam in multis locis commercialis utili sunt, sicut shopping, shopping, office aedificationes, hoteles, restaurantes, etc. sed, in emere, multi domini confusi sunt de similaritatibus et differentibus inter duos,So here I will share the similarities and differences of LED downlights and LED spotlights and buy guidance.

Why choose LED downlights and LED spotlights? Because LED has many advantages, energy saving, environmental protection, non-infrared UV, pure light color, intelligent dimming, and color adjustment, etc., specifically, it can save more than 90% energy than incandescent lamps, and more than 50% energy saving than the fluorescent lamps commonly used in the past.Long life, theoretical life can reach 50,000 hours, basically do not need to change the lamp for a lifetime.

Hoc ergo prodigia LEDs principes fieri et lucernas incandescentes et lucernas fluorescentas energia deponentes altera post invicem substituerunt.Hoc ergo articulus prima super LED downlights and spotlights concentrat.

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The following are the formal introduction of the same and differences of LED downlights and spotlights, as well as installation instructions

Lumina et luminaria similare sunt in structura.They are composed of surface rings, lamp bodies, radiators, light sources, power supplies, etc. The installation methods are mostly embedded installations, that is, embedded in the ceiling, only the surface ring is exposed, so as not to damage The integrity of the ceiling and the room looks neat.

Magna differentia inter indices et luminaria personalizata est differentia in angulo emission is lucis, quae differt in structura!

Dimmable LED downlight: It is mainly used to provide uniform light, just like the sun, everything shines!Sed luce inferiora non potest esse tam magna quam sol, sic ex angulo lucis dissipatum est.Anglus lucem emissionis generis magnus est, normale circa 120 gradus.Mascares acrylices sic usus sunt ut lucem uniformem acciperetur et lucem tenebram est et non luceretur.

Spotlights: It is mainly through small-angle strong light to highlight key objects such as TV background walls, murals, ornaments, goods, etc., or to increase the light and dark contrast of space to create an atmosphere.sicut pulchra vestimenti magnorum lumen et tenebrae contradictio fortissima est.

Ut hoc effectum possit, angulus luminositatis luminositatis minimus est, normale 30-60 gradus.In hoc modum, etiam si aequam potentiam habet et aequam quantitatem lucis similis deorsum, terra illuminata parva est et splendor alta est.In terms of structure, the spotlight often uses a lens or a reflective bowl to achieve small-angle focusing, and usually, the illumination angle can be adjusted so that during installation, the irradiation object can be adjusted as needed.


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