What is color temperature? How to choose the right color temperature?

What is color temperature? How to choose the right color temperature?

The official definition of color temperature is "different colors produced by applying different temperatures to absolute blackbody. We use [Kelvin] to express that the single temperature is k, and the color temperature of 1 is 1K. What color temperatures are we familiar with? In the application of lamps and lanterns in daily life, we see that there are only three color temperatures used, one is 3000K (warm light), the other is 6500k (white light), and the other is 4000K (neutral color) mixed when the two lights are turned on together in dimmable lamps and lanterns. Are there only these two color temperatures for lamps? If you ask in detail, how does he define warm white, white light and neutral light, and whether he has accurately pointed out their values. Now, with the improvement of purchasing power and the specialization of application scenarios, people have gradually come into contact with more color temperatures. The addition of more color temperatures makes us have a more reasonable lighting environment.

Public and personal space:

Residential: 2700k-3000k

Hotel: 2700k-3500k

Office: 3500k

School: 3500k

Hospital: 4000k

Jewelry: 6000-7000k

Application scenario:

Exterior wall: 1700k

Bread: 2500k

Fresh meat: 3000k-3200k

Clothing: 3000k-4000k

Fruits and vegetables: 4000K

Aquatic products: 6000k-7000k

The influence of warm color temperature, neutral color temperature and cold color temperature on people's feelings:

Warm color temperature

The color temperature of warm color temperature is below 3300K, which is similar to that of incandescent lamps. The color temperature above and below 2000K is similar to that of candlelight. There are many red light components, which can give people a warm, healthy, comfortable and sleepy feeling. Suitable for families, residences, dormitories, hotels and other places or places with relatively low temperature; It is better to adjust the light source to warm color temperature for a period of time before going to bed. The lower the color temperature, the more the secretion of melatonin can be maintained.

Neutral color temperature

Its color temperature is between 3300K and 5000K. Due to the soft light, neutral color makes people feel happy, comfortable and peaceful. Applicable to shops, hospitals, offices, restaurants, restaurants, waiting rooms and other places.

Cold color temperature

Its color temperature is above 5000K, the light source is close to natural light, and it has a bright feeling, which makes people concentrate and not easy to fall asleep. Applicable to offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, drawing rooms, design rooms, library reading rooms, exhibition windows and other places.

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