What is smart LED lamp? What is the difference between smart LED lamp and ordinary LED lamp?

What is smart LED lamp? What is the difference between smart LED lamp and ordinary LED lamp?

The smart light extends the control function through the network protocol (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Tuya). The first benefit is more comfortable. For example, if you don't want to turn off the light in the quilt in winter, you can turn off the smart light remotely with your mobile phone.

The second is more energy-saving, which can be realized by turning off the light when people walk and turning on the light when people come. The intelligent light can be realized with the human body sensor. The effect of energy saving at home is not obvious. If it is in an enterprise, it can save a lot of energy. Such as meeting rooms, such as warehouses. Many people have the habit of forgetting the light after opening. If it is human body sensor and intelligent light, people will turn on the light automatically and turn off the light automatically when they walk.

There is also a more sci-fi scene. For example, if you go to the company to pick up things at night, the office area is very large, and your station is in the innermost part, you have to turn on the lights of the whole office area. If the intelligent light is added with the human body sensor, the light can be turned on with people. You don't have to turn on the light in the whole office area.

The third is that the color of the lamp can have richer changes and more accurate control. This traditional switch is difficult to realize. Generally, it can only adjust the brightness, but not the color. The smart lamp can adjust the color through the mobile phone. The color can be accurately selected through the color ring of the mobile phone screen, and the atmosphere of the home can be adjusted through the color of the light.

The intelligent chinese led lights can be directly or indirectly connected to the intelligent platform to realize app remote control, voice control and linkage control with other devices. The most important thing is to cooperate with the sensor to make it fully automated. When people come, the light is on and when people go, the light is off. There is no need to manually control the switch panel.

In terms of LED lamps on the market at present, intelligent LED lamps add some more practical and convenient functions than ordinary LED lamps. 1. Intelligent LED lamp has the function of stepless dimming. 2. There is a corresponding app application to control the lamps by connecting with the mobile phone. 3. With timing switch and other functions.

LED smart lamp

What is smart LED lamp? What is the difference between smart LED lamp and ordinary LED lamp?

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