What is a magnetic lamp What are the advantages of magnetic lamp

What is a magnetic lamp? What are the advantages of magnetic lamp? Do you know everything about magnetic lamps?

I don't know from what, the magnetic suction lamp has been popular all over the home decoration market. Magnetic suction lamp not only has the advantages of track lamp, but also its fast installation method and minimalist decoration effect make it quickly become the first choice for young people's family decoration. Let's take a look at what is magnetic suction lamp with "future home decoration network"? What are the advantages of magnetic suction lamp with other relevant knowledge!

The minimalist shape runs through the whole space cleanly and perfectly matches the minimalist style. Its track has been extended, which can visually expand the space area.

1、 Composition of magnetic lamp

Magnetic absorption lamp is a combined product, which is mainly composed of track, lamp body and switching power supply. The lamp assembly is adsorbed on the track through magnetic absorption technology. The track adopts low-voltage power supply, and the drive can be removed from the lamp body. The whole track and lamp can be made very small and exquisite.

2、 Characteristics of magnetic lamp

Simple installation: just lay the track in advance, suck up and take down the lamps, and do it in one second.

It can be equipped with different lamps: the magnetic lamp adopts the modular concept. There are many light source modules suitable for the magnetic lamp, including downlight, spotlight, grid lamp, floodlight bar, chandelier line, etc. The light source can be freely selected, allowing DIY matching to meet the lighting needs of different spaces. And the magnetic attraction track can increase and reduce the number of light sources at will

The number of led bulb manufacturers in china can be increased or decreased freely: there is no limit to the number of lamps installed on the track. If the light brightness is not enough, the light source can be increased at will. If the brightness is too high, the light source can be reduced.

Free movement and angle adjustment: the light source can move freely on the magnetic absorption track, and the angle of the light source can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Low voltage is safer: the magnetic absorption track lamp is generally designed with 24V or 48V low voltage. There is no danger of electric shock when the lamp is directly touched and installed by hands.

Convenient maintenance: if the lamp is broken, just take it down for maintenance.

3、 Installation of magnetic lamp

The track of magnetic lamp is divided into embedded, surface mounted ceiling and surface mounted suspension wire.

Install the track before the ceiling sealing plate, and then paint the sealing plate together with the ceiling, which will show the shape of only one slender track. If the ceiling is ready, the rail can be painted after installation.

4、 Application of magnetic lamp

Magnetic lamp can be widely used in clothing stores, jewelry stores, exhibition halls, hotels, clubs and other commercial places. Because of its fashionable appearance, full sense of science and technology and high flexibility, it is loved by more and more young people, so it is also widely used in household lighting such as living room, bedroom and study.

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What is a magnetic lamp What are the advantages of magnetic lamp

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