Led Downlight Packaging Failure Reasons and Solutions

Led Downlight Packaging Failure Reasons and Solutions

Everyone knows that when we use LED downlights, the most feared thing is that the lights are not on. At this time, do n’t blame the environment. Incorrect installation methods, protective measures, and excessive power supply are the important reasons that cause the lights to be off; of course, many times It is also a human factor. Here custom LED downlight manufacturer combined with examples to analyze how to deal with LED downlight packaging failure.

1. Poor LED heat dissipation leads to the aging of the solid crystal glue, delamination, and chip loss. Precautions: Prevent the LED downlight from floating and tilting during welding. Do a good job in the heat dissipation of LED downlights to ensure that the cooling channels of LED downlights are smooth.

2. The over-current and over-voltage impact cause the drive, the chip burns out, and the lamp is in an open or short circuit state. Precautions: Do EOS protection to prevent current and voltage greater than the current and voltage impact of the lamp or drive the LED downlight for a long time.

3. Overcurrent impact, burn the gold wire. Precautions: To prevent overcurrent and overvoltage from impacting LED downlights.

4. The anti-static protection is not done well during use, which leads to the breakdown of the PN junction of the black decorative lighting manufacturers china. Precautions: Do ESD protection work well to prevent the interference of static electricity causing the work of the lamp.

5. The welding temperature is too high, the colloid expands violently and the gold wire is broken or the external force collides with the encapsulating colloid and the gold wire is broken. Precautions: Each lamp has a corresponding installation manual. Welding is used in accordance with the recommended welding conditions, and care should be taken to protect the packaging structure from damage during the assembly process.

6. The LED downlight has not been dehumidified due to moisture, cracked during the reflow process, and the gold wire was broken. Precautions: Be careful during the maintenance process, dehumidify according to the conditions, you can use a moistureproof box or oven to dry and dehumidify. The reflow soldering should be performed according to the recommended reflow parameters.

7. The temperature curve of reflow soldering is set unreasonably, which causes the colloid to expand violently during the reflow process and lead to the broken gold wire. Precautions: Over-reflow soldering according to recommended reflow parameters.

8. During assembly, the positive and negative poles of the high efficiency LED downlight are shorted or the PCB board is shorted, and the LED downlight is broken. Precautions: Do ESD anti-static protection to avoid short circuit of positive and negative electrodes. PCB should be carefully checked.

The above is for the reasons of LED downlight packaging failure and the solutions and precautions to be taken. Do you understand? In fact, when choosing a lamp, not only should you choose a good lamp, but you also need to know how to prevent problems encountered during installation and how to solve them, which is also a very important part. Through this way of browsing, I believe you have learned the relevant knowledge points, we will continue to provide you with the corresponding knowledge!

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Led Downlight Packaging Failure Reasons and Solutions

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