How to Use Led Downlight to Make the Home Beautiful

How to Use Led Downlight to Make the Home Beautiful

Black LED Downlight manufacturer introduces to you: The LED lighting products represented by LED downlights on the market are various, no matter the outer packaging or product introduction page, they often list huge information.

Facing the diversified products on the market, grasp the big emphasis and direction on the choice, return to the actual demand and the essence of space, use the different characteristics of lighting fixtures such as LED downlights, spotlights, LED panel lights, etc., according to the different use of the space, choose Suitable LED lamps. Master 5 key points and choose suitable lamps.

(1) Watt (W) Watt refers to how much energy is consumed per second. The higher the wattage, the greater the power consumption, but it does not mean that the generated brightness is higher. Especially with the advancement of LED lighting technology today, it can produce higher brightness (lumens) than energy-saving lamps of the same wattage.

(2) Color temperature (K): The color of the light is called the color temperature. The lower the value, the lighter the color. The higher the value, the whiter the light color. The color of the lamp is yellowish, the color temperature is about 3000K; the daylight color is white, the color temperature is 5000K~7000K.

(3) Color rendering index (Ra/CRI): The higher the color rendering index, the closer the color displayed by the object under the illumination light source to the color under the sunlight, and the smaller the color distortion.

(4) Luminous flux/lumen (lm): Luminous flux refers to the light source, the energy of the light released, the higher the lumen value, the greater the brightness of the lamp.

(5) Luminous efficiency (lm/W): The light source refers to the luminous flux output per 1 watt (W) consumed, and is the standard for judging whether the lamp is energy-saving.

Optical selection of various types of lamps

The living room is suitable for installing white light or yellow light with a wide lighting range and good energy-saving effect. The bedroom and dining room are mainly for rest, and yellow lamps such as LED lamps, halogen lamps, or power-saving lamps can be installed to give people a warm feeling. The study room recommends the use of high-brightness power-saving lamps, and then with a close-up table lamp is more ideal.

What are the key points to consider before choosing a lamp?

(1) To understand the lighting configuration of each space

In the living room, whether it is a ceiling light pendant lamp or a half pendant lamp, the height of the person in the home can not be reached by the hand, which is the lower height of the selected lamp. If it is not possible to measure in the field, the distance between the ground and the ceiling is the purchase standard. If the distance exceeds 3m, you can choose a chandelier; 2.7m-3m can choose semi-chandelier; below 2.7m, you can choose a ceiling lamp.

In the restaurant, most people like to use chandeliers in the restaurant. But not all restaurants can be used, the position of the chandelier in the restaurant must be fixed. The height of the chandelier from the table must be controlled at 70-80cm.

In the bedroom, it is recommended to use a ceiling lamp or a semi-chandelier because the headboard has a height. Even if the person is lying on the bed, the light is too low and there is still a sense of pressure. Do not use a chandelier. You can use a combination of china led lamp manufacturer and spotlights to adjust the brightness and atmosphere of the bedroom.

Bathrooms and kitchens are mostly made of ceilings. It is best to use ceiling lamps, downlights and other lighting fixtures.

(2) Clear the longest space to turn on the lights

The electricity cost saved by LED is 85% of incandescent lamps. To save energy, it is best to choose energy-saving lamps or LED lamps. Like the living room or bedroom, it is a space with a long lighting time. Depending on the situation, LED lamps such as LED downlights, LED spotlights, panel lights, and other lighting fixtures are used, which not only saves money but also saves energy and protects the environment.

The illumination methods of light sources in the space are ever-changing. According to different design methods, they can be divided into direct lighting (mainly LED downlights) and indirect lighting. However, they can be subdivided into semi-direct lighting, semi-indirect lighting, Direct indirect lighting, and diffuse lighting.

In space, different lighting methods can be used to interlace to design the light atmosphere that you need, and LED downlights, spotlights, LED panel lights, LED light strips and other lighting fixtures are used to achieve the lighting and atmosphere of the lighting scene Adjust to meet the different needs of different lighting spaces!

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How to Use Led Downlight to Make the Home Beautiful

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