Led Track Light Uses and Installation Methods

Led Track Light Uses and Installation Methods

Spotlight is a kind of luminaire with strong light direction and high concentration. Its light effect is mainly aimed at a certain object, which can emphasize the texture of the object, and can also be used for lighting and lighting to enhance the atmosphere.

As a member of the spotlight family, the guide track spotlight has the characteristics of spotlights. Its outstanding feature is that it needs to be installed on a dedicated rail (three-wire or four-wire), and the lamp can be adjusted according to actual lighting needs. On the location.

In terms of application, rail spotlights can generally adjust the projection direction of 355° horizontally and 90° vertically. The projection is very flexible and is widely used in shops, restaurants, exhibition halls, museums, and other places.

Classification of LED Track Light

From the light source category, the common track spotlights are halogen track spotlight (common power 35W/50W), metal halide track spotlight (common power 35W/70W/150W), fluorescent track spotlight (some museums will use it The product), four types of LED track spotlights.

Halogen rail spotlights have a high color rendering index, and the average CRI can generally reach above 95. They are often used in restaurant chains and various leisure places.

The metal halide rail light has a high output (the output luminous flux of 35W lamps can reach 2700lm, and the overall light efficiency is higher than 70Lm/W), and the average CRI is generally higher than 80 (the color rendering index of some metal halide light sources can reach 90 or more), commonly used In commercial places such as clothing stores, furniture stores, and automobile showrooms.

Fluorescent rail spotlights are relatively niche products, and some museums will use them for wall-washing lighting.

With the continuous innovation of LED technology in recent years, LED track spotlights quickly occupy the commercial lighting market due to their high luminous efficiency (the whole light efficiency is higher than 80Lm/W), high color rendering index, energy-saving, and environmental protection, and more flexible lamp modeling.

Installation method of White LED Track Light

The installation of the track spotlight requires the installation of the guide rail on the ceiling first. In addition to the guide rail, the installation accessories of the track spotlight also have a connection head. There are three types of common guide rails: two-wire guide rail, three-wire guide rail, and four-wire guide rail, and there are multiple types of connection heads such as + type, T type, I type, and L type.

There are three ways to install the guide rail:

After the track is installed, install the lamp body into the track and adjust it to perform lighting.

Accent lighting is an important lighting method commonly used in lighting design, and it is widely used in commercial stores. The type of lamps used in the accent lighting is china led bulb factory, which include recessed spotlights, surface mounted spotlights, grille spotlights, and rail spotlights. The first three types of spotlights have a fixed installation position, and the installation, disassembly and maintenance steps are complicated. The mounting position of the track spotlight is adjustable, which is simple and quick to disassemble and assemble, which has become a major feature.

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Led Track Light Uses and Installation Methods

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