Maintenance of Home-Made Chandelier and Led Downlight

Maintenance of Home-Made Chandelier and Led Downlight

Chandeliers and downlights are a must-have fixture for many friends. However, unreasonable use and maintenance methods will also greatly reduce their advantages. Therefore, it is very important to learn to maintain good lamps!

Here are a few important points to teach you how to properly maintain lamps such as chandeliers and downlights.

Instructions for the maintenance of home-made chandeliers and LED downlights:

LED chandelier

First of all, the chandelier used in the home is usually one to three layers. When cleaning and maintaining, you should pay attention to wipe with a dry rag. The high-level lampshade and arm can be cleaned with the help of a feather duster, and the movement should be slight to avoid wearing the lamp parts;

Furthermore, when wiping the inner wall of each lampshade, do not change the structure of the internal LED light source, and do not replace the LED components casually. If you need to disassemble, please remember to install the LED lights as they are after the cleaning and maintenance, and do not miss or is install the LED light parts;

In addition, the LED chandelier should pay attention to strengthen maintenance in use, in order to better extend its service life. Pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, so as to avoid the phenomenon of rust damage or leakage short circuit for a long time;

Lamps installed in humid environments (toilet, bathroom, etc.) must be equipped with moisture-proof lampshades, otherwise, the service life will be shortened;

The lamp installed in the kitchen should pay special attention to preventing oily smoke, because the accumulation of grease will affect the illumination of the lamp;

LED downlight

1. Choose the application area according to the protection level

In general, the protection level of downlights used for indoor lighting should not be lower than IP20. If you ignore this when selecting a model, or mistakenly apply a downlight with a low protection level to space such as a balcony or a bathroom, there will be a premature failure of the lamp.

Speaking of this, the lamps with high protection grade have high reliability, low light attenuation, and long life. Therefore, whether the Customized china lighting fixtures is used in ordinary indoors, or in the harsh humid salt fog environment of coastal or alpine regions, there will be no worry about the failure of the lamp beads caused by the oxidation of the device pins. Its wide scope of application can meet the needs of various home improvement projects.

2. Do not switch frequently

Frequently switching on and off is a behavior that hurts the lamp most. Because when the lamp is frequently started, the current through the light source is greater than the current during normal operation, so that the temperature of the light source rises sharply, increasing the risk of damaging parts. Therefore, it is necessary to use lamps reasonably and try to avoid letting lamps switch frequently.

3. The cleaning and maintenance methods must be correct

Even if the LED downlight's sealing technology is better, after using it for a period of time, a layer of ash will deposit on it, affecting the vision and affecting the light output, so regular cleaning cannot be avoided. Then please note that during the cleaning process, it is strictly forbidden to change the structure of the lamp (including the housing parts and the internal light distribution parts). Use a dry cloth instead of a damp cloth when wiping to prevent moisture intrusion.

For the home space, the use of lamps is a long-term investment. If you do a good job during the installation period and add later maintenance, you can greatly protect the life of the lamps, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement as much as possible, and reduce the subsequent Rework costs, save trouble.


Maintenance of Home-Made Chandelier and Led Downlight

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